Gift Of Thanksgiving

As everyone was celebrating the start of the New Year, I remember having mixed emotions. Don’t get me wrong, I was so grateful for many things in my life. People always usher in a new year with a certain amount of excitement for what it is to come, I on the other hand I was so uncertain in regards to my baking journey.

Ending the year 2017, I did my first wedding cake, I was both nervous and excited, the cake turned out   beautiful. I knew come 2018, the sky would be the limit {see cake below}

My second wedding cake was some time in February 2018. This was a client who had tasted my chocolate cake in a certain birthday party and called to book a wedding cake. Design was based on my first wedding cake. Things were going great. I was so excited. The cake was beautiful and the client was so happy.  { second cake below}


My third wedding cake was sometime in August of 2018, Same story as the second wedding cake, client loved my birthday cakes and wanted me to bake her wedding cake. {see cake below}


So why did i have mixed emotions? Well I thought with the sky being the limit I should have baked more wedding cakes. I was sad with how my business was forgettable or how hard it was to get someone to give you a chance if they had not heard of you. At the beginning of 2019, I read about a lady named Sue who started a thanksgiving jar. Each evening she wrote on a small piece of paper one thing she thanked God for and dropped it in the jar. Some days were great, other days she struggled to find something to be thankful for. When she emptied her jar at the end of the year she found herself thanking God for everything He had done. This story encouraged me to start A THANKSGIVING SWEET LULU JAR, write down the things I am grateful for in regards to my business. Maybe you would like to start a Thanksgiving jar for your business or your life. I know we have many reasons to thank God, like the Gift of family, friends and His provisions for our physical, spiritual and emotional needs. We will see that the goodness and love of God follows us all the days of our lives {Psalms 23}

So this year i am choosing to give thanks to God for all that’s good. when look back at the wedding cakes i was able to bake, i know for sure that the Lord has blessed me in more ways than i can count.

13 thoughts on “Gift Of Thanksgiving”

  1. What an encouragement! Indeed, I need to start one too because I have lots to thank God for.
    A fantastic piece for your first blog 👏

    1. Thank you Irene. you should start your Jar we open it next year. I am sure we will be surprised to see how the Lord has been good to us.

  2. This is a great piece. It’s true in most cases we complain more than remember to give thanks. This is a good practice. God will not only fill that jar with notes. Because you are thanking him and trusting him for break through, he will exalt you and bless Lulucake house in ways that you won’t believe. God is faithful all the time.

  3. Harriet Cheryl Maloba

    Amen, very encouraging and inspiring, we should give thanks in all situation because he is Faithful and just, may sweet lulu multiply in blessings and wealth

  4. Wow, this is a beautiful. Giving thanks in everything and all circumstances. May lulu sweet cakes keep shining. Amen

  5. AM PROUD OF YOU MY SISTER THE SKY IS THE LIMIT. PASSIONATE STORY, we should always be grateful and thankful in life.

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