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Founder and Baker

Hi, I'm Evelyn, a self taught baker, a wife and mother to four beautiful girls. Welcome to my website !

We will update this later and tell you more about us. For now, allow us to tell you all about it in a strange internet language. Elementum mattis pharetra gravida quam ante sagittis, quis a tincidunt non sed facilisis leo adipiscing erat id cursus volutpat lacus id mi pretium netus aliquam tellus, ut cursus felis elit arcu etiam cursus eu leo, rhoncus lacus condimentum mattis ornare sodales senectus feugiat erat risus ornare euismod odio pellentesque commodo morbi sit tincidunt mauris et dignissim vel nunc auctor in ante urna vestibulum hendrerit.

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The Philosophy

Since you *clearly had no problems reading the first bit, here’s more about our philosophy in the Internet language that we enjoy so much.. Fed ut interdum pellentesque neque, sed commodo dignissim suspendisse dui amet, adipiscing nunc massa amet quam aliquet senectus eu justo, nunc est mauris et fermentum tortor, pharetra condimentum habitant non amet scelerisque nunc tincidunt nisi, et, consectetur dignissim bibendum massa arcu, urna, amet, gravida nec semper est eget.

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Our Reviews

"Firstly the cakes are to die for. Secondly, Eve is thorough and professional which has been a breath of fresh air when the birthdays come rolling around."
"The cakes taste as good as they look.. And they keep getting better every time . Asante sana Eve."
"Sweetlulu never disappoints. Can't recommend the cupcakes enough."
"I vouch for her excellent cakes!!!"
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